“Where is Xur?” the App – Upcoming Features

“Where is Xur?” the app aims to locate and find where Xur, the most anticipated NPC of Destiny the game is and show his exact location on the Tower map as well as the exotic items he is selling for the week, with one single tap.

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Hello Guardians,

Now that the version 1.0.1 of the app is in the market; we can move on and talk about the features I wish to implement into the app in the future. Please note that these features will be rolled out in phases and not all will be out in one major patch. In my opinion, one step a time is the best way in the app business for stable releases.

Upcoming Features:

  • Counter: In case Xur is not in the Tower yet, there will be a counter showing exactly how many days, hours, minutes and seconds are left for Xur’s arrival. The counter will not be visible once Xur arrives in the tower.
  • Player Set Alarms: Player set alarms will let the players to set alarms for specific times of their liking. For instance, you can set an alarm for an hour before Xur departs from the tower, not to miss on anything he is selling.
  • Local and Remote Push Notifications: Personally, I find this to be the improvement which will deliver the most value to the players. As soon as Xur’s location becomes available to check from the app, a text notification (Like the ones you get when you get a comment on your posts on Facebook) will inform the players that his exact location has been detected as well as what he sells for that particular week. Unfortunately, this feature is the most difficult one to implement as it needs development on both client and server side. However, I am eager to implement this as soon as possible.

Features Already Added to the App with the Version 1.0.1

  • Xur’s items of the Week: What Xur is selling for that week. As the loot table of the week has to be prepared manually, the items list will not be showing up on the app immediately after Xur appears in the tower. You will still be able to see where Xur is immediately after his appearance. Perhaps, in one hour (around 05:00 AM every Friday) after Xur’s arrival to the tower the loot table will be available to see in the app.
  • Refresh button: The refresh button will be visible if the app says that Xur is not in the tower yet. This will eliminate the necessity of killing and relauching the app to check if the location of Xur has become available. Once the app starts to show Xur’s exact location, the refresh button will no longer be visible.

Here is the complete list of features I currently find that the players can benefit from. What do you think about them? I will be glad to consider your suggestions on the app, too. Feel free to comment.

Game On & Happy Shopping!

“Where is Xur?” The App is Released

wix_bannerHello Guardians, “Where is Xur?” the app aims to locate and find where Xur, the most anticipated NPC of Destiny the game is and show his exact location on the Tower or Vestian Outpost map as well as the exotics and curios he is offering for the week, with one single tap. Do not struggle with finding Xur every Friday on Google, Yahoo, Twitter etc. Just launch your app with one tap and see exactly where he is and the complete list of items he is selling.



Screenshots of “Where is Xur?”