New iOS & Android Versions for House of Wolves, Force Update, Vestian Outpost (aka Queen’s Bay) Map and Future Plans

Hello Guardians,

The House of Wolves DLC is bringing some critical changes to Xur:

  1. Xur can now spawn in the new social zone; Vestian Outpost
  2. Xur will no longer offer item upgrades

To prepare for these changes; I have made modifications in the app. The updated versions for Android and iOS clients are now live and ready to download / update.

Please note that because these changes are critical; I issued a force update; meaning that you will have to update your app to the latest version before you can use Where is Xur? any further. Please update your app as soon as possible.

To show Xur’s location at Vestian Outpost; we naturally need a map of the place. However, there is currently no map available for the new social zone; hence I had to draw one myself. It might not be perfect; (the proportions and etc) however it is more than enough for our purposes and to navigate around Vestian Outpost. Here is how it will look in the app:

Vestian Outpost Map. Click to see a larger version.

And finally, let’s talk about the future plans. Currently; there are two urgent matters to be addressed:

  1. Some of the new House of Wolves exotics are missing icons
  2. All of House of Wolves exotics are missing from Guardian Wishlist

I am currently working on these improvements and will release the proper updates as soon as possible.

Keep checking back.

New Major Update: Upgrades, Curios, Item Prices and Guardian Wishlist

Here we are with another patch released for both Android and iOS.

This upgrade further increases the Xur information you can get from the app as well as a totally new feature to see what the guardians all over the world wish for the most.

Here are the patch notes:

– More Information: You can now see the upgrades and consumable items Xur is offering.
– Prices: Prices of exotic items and consumables are added.
– Guardian Wishlist: You can now vote for the exotic items you wish Xur to bring next week. You can also see what other Guardians wish for the most.

– Push Notifications: You may choose to receive notifications when Xur arrives to the Tower.

New Major Update Released – What is New with “Where is Xur?” Version 1.1.0?

Hello Guardians,

It has been quite some time since Where is Xur? the app received any updates. That is because we were preparing for a major overhaul of the app.

Where is Xur? was a perfectly functional app in terms of delivering what it promised. The exact location of Xur and his exotic items inventory; however the look & feel and the general UI layout of the app was less than ideal. We fixed that. With the help of my dear friend Jared van Eck (@jared_dean on Instragram), who is a talented web designer, we now have a whole new UI for the app. We also have some new cool features. So, now let’s see what is new:

  • The All-New UI: Sleek touch & feel.
  • Xur’s Arrival Time in your Local Timezone: You can now see the time Xur will return in your own timezone.
  • Icons of Exotic Items: You can now see the in-game icons of the exotic items Xur sells.
  • Reduced Network Usage: Network usage has been dramatically reduced.
  • New App Icon to reflect the new UI design.

Now, here are the screens: where is xur the app new screenswhere is xur the app new screens

Android Update (Version 1.0.2) Released

A new update for android (version 1.0.2) has been released. This update is mainly a bug-fix and optimization update.

Here are the version notes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused the app to crash when it could not detect an internet connection.
  • Improved optimization: The app will run faster and more stable.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

First Major Update Released – What is New with “Where is Xur?” Version 1.0.1?

Hello Guardians,

The first major update for “Where is Xur?” the app has been released and is live as of now. If you did not get an update notification from the Google Play yet, you can manually check within your Google Play app.

What new features comes with this version? – What is new with this version? 

Xur’s Exotic Items’ List
  • You are now able to see what Xur is selling this week and what he offered last week within the app.


Refresh Button
  • You can now refresh the location page without leaving the app. This eliminates the necessity of closing and relauching the app to get an update on Xur’s location.


When Exactly Does Xur Arrive to the Tower and When Does He Leave?

“Where is Xur?” the app aims to locate and find where Xur, the most anticipated NPC of Destiny the game is and show his exact location on the Tower map as well as the exotic items he is selling for the week, with one single tap. Download the current version here: NEWavailable_ontheappstore Download Where is Xur App

Hello Guardians, While I was searching on the net and destiny forums; I realized that the exact time of Xur’s arrival and departure is blurry. People state different times without stating their timezone; hence the confusion. Xur:

  • arrives exactly at 09:00 AM GMT (UTC) on Friday mornings
  • leaves exactly at 09:00 AM GMT (UTC)  on Sunday mornings

You can use the timezone converter here to find out what 09:00 AM GMT (UTC) converts to, in your timezone. So no, Xur is not really with us for the weekends. He is with us on Fridays and Saturdays. Hope this clears somethings up.

“Where is Xur?” the App – Upcoming Features

“Where is Xur?” the app aims to locate and find where Xur, the most anticipated NPC of Destiny the game is and show his exact location on the Tower map as well as the exotic items he is selling for the week, with one single tap.

Download the current version here:


Download Where is Xur App

Hello Guardians,

Now that the version 1.0.1 of the app is in the market; we can move on and talk about the features I wish to implement into the app in the future. Please note that these features will be rolled out in phases and not all will be out in one major patch. In my opinion, one step a time is the best way in the app business for stable releases.

Upcoming Features:

  • Counter: In case Xur is not in the Tower yet, there will be a counter showing exactly how many days, hours, minutes and seconds are left for Xur’s arrival. The counter will not be visible once Xur arrives in the tower.
  • Player Set Alarms: Player set alarms will let the players to set alarms for specific times of their liking. For instance, you can set an alarm for an hour before Xur departs from the tower, not to miss on anything he is selling.
  • Local and Remote Push Notifications: Personally, I find this to be the improvement which will deliver the most value to the players. As soon as Xur’s location becomes available to check from the app, a text notification (Like the ones you get when you get a comment on your posts on Facebook) will inform the players that his exact location has been detected as well as what he sells for that particular week. Unfortunately, this feature is the most difficult one to implement as it needs development on both client and server side. However, I am eager to implement this as soon as possible.

Features Already Added to the App with the Version 1.0.1

  • Xur’s items of the Week: What Xur is selling for that week. As the loot table of the week has to be prepared manually, the items list will not be showing up on the app immediately after Xur appears in the tower. You will still be able to see where Xur is immediately after his appearance. Perhaps, in one hour (around 05:00 AM every Friday) after Xur’s arrival to the tower the loot table will be available to see in the app.
  • Refresh button: The refresh button will be visible if the app says that Xur is not in the tower yet. This will eliminate the necessity of killing and relauching the app to check if the location of Xur has become available. Once the app starts to show Xur’s exact location, the refresh button will no longer be visible.

Here is the complete list of features I currently find that the players can benefit from. What do you think about them? I will be glad to consider your suggestions on the app, too. Feel free to comment.

Game On & Happy Shopping!