Android Client Caught Up!

Hello Guardians,

Two weeks ago; I promised to bring the new features of iOS version to the dear Android users as soon as possible. Well, here you go.

Let’s first remember what the new additions to the app were:

  • Enriched Notifications: You will now receive notifications when the Guardian Wishlist voting is open for you. No more forgetting to vote for your favourite exotic item.
  • In-app Purchases to Remove Ads: You are now presented the option to upgrade to premium in case you want to use the app ad-free. Please note that this is completely optional. You can still use Where is Xur? FREE of charge; the way you are used to.
  • Stability Improvement for Android 6.x (Marshmallow): A small fraction of our friends on the latest and coolest version of Android had some problems launching the app on their brand new phones. Now these problems have mostly disappeared.

What now?

Well, as I always do after major updates; I will be analysing the data coming from both iOS and Android clients for a while to see if things are going OK or not. (They look great for now!)

After that; I will be focusing on some new additions to the app -without disturbing the simplicity of the app, of course. The replies to the post I created on reddit clearly stated that everyone was satisfied with the current situation of the app and I do not intent to change that.

See you on the next update.

One thought on “Android Client Caught Up!

  1. This is a good app and it does make finding Xur easy, but this needs fixing: there should be a space between the number count and the unit of the count. For instance: “23SC” should be “23 sc” or “23 SC”. Please fix this, it’ll teach good grammar to everyone using your app.


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